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The United States of America has been characterized for having large cities inhabited by millions of people and the use of diverse means of transport, thus generating a great vehicular traffic and citizens at any time of the day. This results in high rates of pedestrian accidents, say an experienced Stafford Virginia car accident lawyer. Motorcyclists and cyclists do not escape this reality, representing half of the fatalities, according to statistics.

What are the causes of these accidents? The improper crossing of the streets or intersections by pedestrians, lack of skill when giving way to the pedestrian or the driver, lack or poor visibility of any of them, running or appearing unexpectedly through the streets or other roads. Another cause is the negligence of both parties, linked to the intake of alcohol, incurring in serious faults to the state traffic rules, with fatal outcomes.

What to do in the case of pedestrian accidents? The state transit authorities and the lawyers involved in this type of situation play a decisive role. And, they must be very objective, since the courts focus on analyzing the behavior of the driver and the pedestrian, in order to be equitable in the responsibilities of each one, says a reputable Stafford Virginia car accident lawyer. Injuries caused by accidents change according to gender, age and socioeconomic status.

People most at risk are the elderly, drivers and pedestrians under the influence of alcohol, adolescents and children. When using the vehicle, drivers must take special care to be in areas such as parks, schools and any other area intended for use by children and adolescents. If a winding occurs, it is considered whether there was negligence or not, because if the driver took all the precautions, and still could not avoid the accident, it will not be taken as negligence.

If a pedestrian is hit or seriously injured, and he has correctly obeyed and obeyed all traffic laws, then the best option is to obtain legal representation. A Stafford Virginia car accident lawyer with the skill, knowledge and experience in these litigation will seek punitive damages for the negligent actions of the driver, filing a lawsuit for personal injuries and the costs of medical care.

When there are cars, motorcycles and bicycles involved in pedestrian accidents, the type of injuries varies from one to another, the law considers in these cases a fair compensation, ranging from financial compensation to hospital expenses. According to a reputable Stafford Virginia car accident lawyer, the rules that a pedestrian must follow, include:

  1. Avoid distractions when traveling
  2. Cross streets or other road in a surprising way
  3. Children and the elderly must go hand in hand with an adult
  4. Disabled people require special assistance

Insurance companies are benefactors in the sale of their insurance policies. According to a professional Stafford Virginia car accident lawyer, their objective is to use the minimum interest rate and maintain their profits, work hand in hand with experts and specialist lawyers, and achieving equity between the affected parties at the time of incurring any claim.

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