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Many workers nowadays do not know that repetitive or continuous work can have many consequences in their short or long term health, causing from small injuries to injuries that can even reach surgery. One of the most common examples of work injuries are neck injuries, leaving the worker with difficulties to perform their normal work activities, as well as their daily lives, says an experienced Stafford Virginia injury attorney.

It is very important that if the worker has or feels a pain seek the medical attention required, since an injury to the neck can affect various parts, such as: muscles, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments or nerves; In addition, pain that may seem normal can affect other parts of the body, such as the shoulders, back, head or arms. And it can reach consequences such as herniated discs, disc protrusions, a tumor in the neck, torticollis, dizziness, spasms, humps, etc.

According to a well-versed Stafford Virginia injury attorney, the most common cause of this type of neck injury lies in overuse, i.e. when a worker performs a constant activity (also known as ‘ Repetitive Work ‘) it is normal that a discomfort occurs anywhere that is part of the neck. An awkward position on a desk, spending a lot of time in front of a computer with an incorrect position for not having the right equipment, carrying heavy objects constantly, a fall or slip, a burning from an accident, emotional stress or the use of a machine that Physical effort may be some of the causes that can cause this injury at work.

A reputable Stafford Virginia injury attorney says that the medical treatment varies a lot and depends entirely on the cause, but it usually includes ice or cold compresses, physiotherapies, hydrotherapies, analgesic pain medications, a collar to correct posture, massage, and acupuncture and if the injury is applied. It can be very severe, and it could lead to specialized surgery. In addition, it could require various tests and diagnoses to find the best solution, these include radiographs, MRIs, tomography, etc.,

It is very important that, if this injury was a consequence of the work, the employee will report it and seek adequate treatment with the doctors or insurance of the company unless the employer or boss refuses to provide such care or treatment, says a reputable Stafford Virginia injury attorney. The worker can seek help from a Labor Lawyer so that he can file a formal complaint with the authorities, since it is an obligation by law that all companies provide this benefit to their employees.

A well-versed labor lawyer can help you find the maximum compensation for work and that may cover all medical expenses, a temporary or permanent disability, as well as the expenses of the same lawyer and extra expenses that may arise in the case; however, it is very important for the worker to report it as soon as possible and to seek advice and have a medical diagnosis that guarantees that his injuries were caused by the accident at work.

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