In the United States, the power to drive a vehicle is a privilege that the authorities provide us and, in this sense, all those who have the fortune of having a driver’s license have the obligation to do so respecting all corresponding traffic laws and regulations. It is our obligation! Contributing to the prevention of accidents on the roads by driving safely is a task that concerns us all, says a VA reckless driving lawyer.

There was an alarming number of auto accidents in the past two decades in the Commonwealth of Virginia due to reckless driving and distracted attitude. As per the state traffic laws, reckless driving is a class 1 misdemeanor and carries the highest punishment of $2,500 fine, 6 months’ suspension of driver’s license, 6 DMV points, and jail time for 12 months.

The road safety should be an important issue to arouse the interest of all (and motor vehicle drivers, cyclists and pedestrians) and simple adjustments in our management habits can make a big change for everyone, advices a reliable VA reckless driving lawyer. Let’s get to work! Here are some recommendations and tips for driving safely and responsibly. Pay close attention!

The vehicle must always be in optimal condition. It is perhaps the most obvious and, nevertheless, it is what is usually overlooked in most cases. A vehicle is, after all, a machine that must always be tuned for good performance. Before starting a trip, and after arriving at your destination, check the good condition of all the components of your car. Check the condition of the tires. According to an experienced VA reckless driving lawyer, they should always be inflated according to what the owner’s manual of your vehicle indicates and the lines of rolling should not be worn beyond what is allowed. Check the condition of the oil and the battery. Make a list of all the things you should review and do not miss any. Remember, never ever be reckless because your and others’ safety can depend on it.

Everyone should wear a seatbelt. It is proven that its use can make the difference between life and death, says a reliable VA reckless driving lawyer. The seatbelt is the only support that passengers have to hold onto the seats when a vehicle accident occurs. Its use is mandatory (and really necessary). So if you are a driver, buckle up before starting your vehicle; in the same way, do not start the journey if all without exception wearing the belt. For small children, there are safety seats. If you have children at home, then you should check with your trusted provider to purchase the appropriate child safety seats according to the ages of your children.

Try to maintain a good driving position. Is this point really important? Even if you do not believe it, yes! According to a reputable VA reckless driving lawyer, maintaining an ergonomic posture is most often the best way to avoid high risk factors such as driving fatigue (especially if we travel long). Always try to preserve an ergonomic posture that gives us comfort when driving. Maintain a ventilated environment, ensure resting and stay hydrated every so often and avoid long hours of continuous driving. To know how to maintain a good driving position you can review these recommendations of a renowned tire manufacturer.

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