What is class Felony Robbery in Virginia?

Robbery under the Virginia Law

Considering robbery as a Felony will not be wrong. Although, the code of Virginia has already dedicated two different categories for robbery and defined the penalties according to the severity of the crime in that. But, can robbery fall under the Felony, if yes, then which class? Felonies have been classified in six different points, and every felony has its own punishment criteria based on the crime. Robbery has been classified as Second Degree Robbery and First Degree Robbery. Like felonies, they are based on how severe the crime is and if it involves any bodily injury, physical harm or any physical abuse or not.

If the robber attempts any unexpected action such as assault, battery or attempts to murder, then the felony will be applied on it. Whether second-degree robbery or first-degree robbery; both have very serious outcomes and penalties in the Law. Adding Felonies and its charges with it will make the punishment, sentencing or penalty even more serious and deadly. According to the Second Degree Robbery, a person can be charged with a minimum of five years in prison which can exceed 18 years in prison. It is up to the Court to show any leniency or not. Usually, there is no leniency if you have convicted the crime for the second time. If you have convicted the crime for the first time and it falls under the First Degree Robbery class, then it can be seen in a lenient way, and the Court might put you in Second Degree Robbery category with a warning.

We compare First Degree Robbery and Second Degree Robbery to any felony there is because if you commit the robbery crime even for once, you will be creating a criminal record for yourself for the rest of your life. When you commit a crime which falls under any felony; that means you will have a criminal record until your last breath. Felonies and robbery charges are only compared when the assault or battery charges interfere in between. Why is that? When the armed robbery incident happens, it mostly contains physical abuse and bodily injuries, which is directly a felony charge.

Felonies contain fines and a specific time in jail. Whereas, robbery penalties have lifetime jail and no fines at all. But, if any felony gets charged alongside the First Degree or Second Degree, then it will only add the punishments and the penalties. For, E.g., If a person is charged with the Second Degree Robbery charge and the case also points out towards a felony, then the felony charges will be added. Means minimum of 5 years in jail and the fine according to Felony 6 or any other. There is no escape route you can take from the charges and will have to pay or hire yourself a lawyer to prove your innocence in the Court.

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